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The Spire platform presents training content through holograms, animations, step-by-step instructions, and assessments. Spire is the only training platform designed for everyday use in AR, focusing on end-users with minimal to no experience in immersive technology. By leveraging a patent pending hands-free IUX™ System (Intentional User Experience), users always feel comfortable and engaged

With Spire™, instructors focus their impact by offloading instruction to an interactive AR system and the Microsoft Hololens®. This shift increases both instructor availability and throughput, enabling trainees to learn at their optimal pace and schedule.

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Spire provides the following features:

  • 3D CAD Model import and viewing.
  • Integration with existing learning management systems.
  • Remote deployment and content updates.
  • Customized Dashboards for stakeholders and instructors.
  • Gamified design with retention mechanisms and engaging 3D interfaces.
  • User Assessment and remote certification.
  • Behavioral Analytics.

Deploy up to thousands of remote hardware units while maintaining centralized control over training content and learner performance. Eliminate costs for instructor travel by instantaneously distributing training materials and hands-on remote instruction. Optimize engagement with always-available Spatial Artificial Intelligence™ (SAI), using HoloLens headsets for training 24/7.

I like how you can move around and see things from different angles. Also like how its different from sitting behind your computer. Being up and moving and interactive made me retain the information.
— Client